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There is a common mistake to think that website translation and website localization are one and the same thing. Website translation focuses mainly on the language aspect of a website. And website localization is making a website appealing to the local audience of the target language market. It is about giving your website that "local feel". Localization of a website includes not only the language aspect, it also includes the cultural aspects of the target language.

A website is the first thing that potential clients will look at to learn more about any business since it represents the face and brand of any company. Whether your business is a legal or technical or financial one, with a website your business can become a global brand and connect with a global clientele. Whether yours is an e-commerce website or a website about your service or product, through localization services, you will be able to cast a wider reach.  Because localization means adapting your content and website design to the local language, culture and customs of your targeted geographical market.

Opportunities And Benefits Of Website Localization

Based on 2017 world internet usage statistics presented by Internet World Stats, there are over 2 billion internet users in Asia, over 700 million European internet users, over 400 million internet users in Africa and Latin America each, followed by over 300 million internet users in North America. From these statistics, the numbers represent opportunities for your business gain exposure and be in front of potential clients as well as growth opportunities.

Wider Online Reach

Translating and localizing your website, some advantages include reaching a wider online audience. Making your website content readable in another language creates more opportunities for your business to reach a market that was once unreachable because of the language barrier.

Better User Experience

By making your website in another language, it helps native users navigate easily withing your website. A 2011 European Commission study conducted, the study showed that 9 out of 10 consumers will always choose to navigate websites in their own tongue when presented with multi-language options.

Better Sales

In a study conducted by Common Sense Advisory, 56% of consumers place more importance on the ability to get information in their own language than on price. Hence, localizing and translating your website will let consumers find information in their native language and bring more sales for your business.

Rank Higher On Search Engines

When you create relevant content and good user experience on your website, search engines take notice. And you are rewarded with higher rankings on search engines results page. This will lead to more exposure for your brand and greater customer awareness which leads to more visitors landing on your website and more sales and the cycle continues.

From the advantages and benefits presented through website localization and translation, it is clear that businesses cannot afford to lose out on the opportunities for expansion and growth. And since you have worked hard to create good quality content in English, you cannot afford to compromise on the content quality in a foreign language website. Thus, all foreign-language versions of your website, must reflect the same high quality content of your English website.

Our professional native speaking linguists at Wordwise, ensure that the foreign-language version of your website also reflects the same high-quality translation.

Other Related Services We Offer

As a customer-focused business, we put ourselves in our clients position and think our clients would also require other services related to translation. Hence, for your convenience, we include interpretation services and the languages that we offer.

Why Use Wordwise Translation Services

At Wordwise, we receive many enquiries for our translation services daily. Because customers satisfaction is our goal, we are committed and dedicated to providing high-quality and accurate translations. And our translation process ensure that the meaning and intent of your original content, is not lost. Our professional native level speaking linguists have experience translating a wide range of documents and content. This is evidenced by the repeat requests we receive from our happy and satisfied clients.

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