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Even though there are similarities between the Spanish and English languages, as professional translation services providers know, there are obstacles present when translating between these two languages. . These similarities can be found in the alphabet, pronunciation, words and syntax. In fact, about 30% to 40% of words in English have a related word in Spanish. And because of such similarities, translating from Spanish to English and vice-versa, challenges.are encountered

Although Spanish and English sentences have similar word order, the Spanish language is more flexible. In the Spanish language, words that are to be emphasized are often placed at the end of the sentence. Therefore great care needs to be taken when translating from English to Spanish and vice-versa to avoid sounding strange syntactically.

Because our translators and interpreters have dedicated years to studying and mastering the Spanish language, they are aware of the different cultural nuances between the Spanish and English languages. Rest assured that our native level speaking linguists will adapt your written content according to the target language and its culture, in order to communicate clearly your message to your target audience.

Spanish Language Translation Solutions Provided

Being a Spanish translation service provider, we partner with you to reach the 400 million Spanish speakers in the world. Our native speaking translators have a wide range of experience translating different written content across many industries.

Our translation solutions include
Certified & Notarised Translation Services
Business & Financial Translation Services
Legal Translation Services
Technical Translation Services
Website Localization & Translation Services

Interesting facts about the Spanish Language

Spanish is considered to be the world's second most spoken language after Chinese. And according to Internet World Statics, Spanish is the third most used language in the web in 2017 after English and Chinese. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations besides English, Chinese, Arabic, French and Russian. Spanish is classified as a Romance language and hence shares similarities with other Romance languages such as Italian and French. 

Spanish is the mother tongue of 480 million people living in Spain, Hispanic America and Equatorial Guinea. About 90 million people speak Spanish as a
second language. While Spanish speakers can understand each other relatively well, there are slight regional differences. For example the word teléfono móvil is used in Spain for mobile phone while in Latin America, it is celular. Because of these regional linguistic difference, our native level speaking translators will choose the best expression to best reach your target audience. 

Why Wordwise Translation Services

Because customer satisfaction is our aim, at Wordwise, we are committed to providing high-quality and accurate translations that match the intent and style of your original content. Our proficient and skilled native level speaking linguists have experience translating a wide range of documents and content. This is evidenced by the repeat requests we receive from our happy and satisfied clients.

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