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As with all languages, when providing translation services in the Russian language, there are linguistic and cultural obstacles present. When communism fell, Russia began opening up her economy and joined the free market. Russian is one of the world's top ten spoken languages with 150 million people speaking it. And it is the ninth most used language on the web.

While the Russian language may look simple to translate since it belongs to the Indo-European language family, it has its own sets of hurdles. One such hurdle is the limited vocabulary of the Russian language. Some English words do not have an equivalent in the Russian language. For example, the English word “insurance claim” doesn't have a Russian equivalent. In such situations, an experienced translator would know to explain the concept of insurance claim instead of finding a Russian word for it. And in Russian, many words have more than one meaning.

In Russian, the word order doesn't matter unlike in English and in Russian, different placement of the same words can alter the meaning of a sentence. For example, an English sentence like I went to the shop, can be translated into Russian as either я пошел в магазин or пошел я в магазин (which literally means went I to the shop) or в магазин пошел я (which literally means, to the shop went I).

Another challenge translators face is that in Russian, there are three genders in the language, as well as a formal and an informal form. So a word like “you” can be translated in several different ways depending on the context of the original content.

At Wordwise, our experienced linguistic professionals are aware of the language hurdles faced when translating from English to Russian and vice versa. Our translators treat the Russian language and culture with respect because the Russian language has been around for a long time even though the development of her economy is at a fairly young stage. As such you can be assured of  high quality and accurate translation of your content.

Russian Language Translation Solutions We Offer

With Translation Services Singapore as your language solutions provider, your business can potentially reach over 160 million people that speak Russian globally. Our professional native level speaking Russian linguistics have experience translating a wide range of content across many different industries.

The services we offer are
Certified & Notarised Translation Services
Business & Financial Translation Services
Legal Translation Services
Technical Translation Services
Website Localization & Translation Services

Interesting Facts About The Russian Language

The Russian Language belongs to the Indo-European language family and it is the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and many minor territories throughout Eurasia. There are only 200,000 words in Russian and therefore, many words have more than one meaning. Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations together with English, Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish.

There are many austronauts who are Russians and thus, Russian is considered to be the international language of space. Since the Russian language is widely used in the astronautics, the simplest way for any company or business involved in the astronautics industry to communicate in Russian easily, is to engage the help of professional translators and interpreters .

And we are here to assist you tap into the Russian market as she continues to open up for economic development. Our professional native level speaking translators have devoted years into studying and mastering the Russian language. Hence you can be assured of accuracy and quality when our experienced linguists are translating your content.

Why Use Wordwise Translation Services

At Wordwise, because customers satisfaction is our goal, we are committed and dedicated to providing high-quality and accurate translations that keep the intent and match the style of your original content. Our professional native level speaking linguists have experience translating a wide range of documents and content. This is evidenced by the repeat requests we receive from our happy and satisfied clients.

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