Legal Translation Services

Legal translation is often confused with certified and notarised translation. Legal translation deal more with contracts, intellectual property, court documents, etc. While certified and notarised translation work with documents like passports, birth certificates, academic certificates, etc.

And legal systems established in different parts of the world are based on the culture of the land. With the rise in global mobility, there is an increasing need for legal translation services.

Legal translation as with technical translation, is challenging and complex because of the terminology used which can cause confusion. And a small mistake in the legal document translation process can have undesirable results.

The purpose of your translation will determine if you need to hire a legal translator. If your document has business commercial or legal implications, then you definitely need to engage a professional legal translator.

Types of Legal Documents Translation

A legal document is a document that states some contractual relationship or it can also be a document that grants some rights. These documents are used in either the civil or criminal justice system. Individuals and businesses all require legal documents.

Terms & Conditions Agreements

Terms of conditions is a legal document that states the rules of use of your business service or product or promotional offer. If there is mistranslation, it would result in complicated outcomes for your business and your clients. Hence our professional and experienced translators at Wordwise take great care and do due diligence for every client to avoid such disasters.

Contracts & Licenses

Last wills and testaments, powers of attorney, driving license, property lease, affidavits, bylaws, articles of incorporation, non-disclosure agreements and so on are some legal documents that we translate for individuals, legal firms and corporations.

Intellectual Property

At Wordwise, we translate patent applications and litigation documents for our clients. Through our professional translators, our clients are able to protect their trademarks and copyrights, ensuring that their intecllectual property is not misused.

Service Agreements

Service agreement contracts are legal agreements between individuals and companies where one agrees to provide a service. Included in the service agreement are descriptions of service provided, frequency of service, charges, delivery schedule or completion date. At Wordwise, we understand the importance for the need to translate the terms in the agreement clearly to avoid misunderstanding of any sorts. Thus our experienced linguists exercise great care and diligence when translating your service agreement to prevent misunderstandings from arising.

Because legal translations can go potentially wrong, it is best to consult with professional translators who will help you choose the right service once you have established clearly the purpose for your legal translation.

Other Related Services We Offer

As a customer-focused business, we put ourselves in our clients position and think our clients would also require other services related to translation. Hence, for your convenience, we include interpretation services and the languages that we offer.

Why Use Wordwise Translation Services

At Wordwise, we receive many enquiries for our translation services daily. And because customers satisfaction is our goal, we are committed and dedicated to providing high-quality and accurate translations. And our translation process ensure that the meaning and intent of your original content, is not lost. Our professional native level speaking linguists have experience translating a wide range of documents and content. This is evidenced by the repeat requests we receive from our happy and satisfied clients.

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