Language Translation Services

Language translation service is both a skill and an art. It takes years to become proficient in any language. Languages are constantly changing as society evolves. Hence, professional translators and interpreters are constantly learning and improving their skills. And with the globe becoming closely connected it is important to get your message across clearly in your target language.

Since we live and participate in a global economy there is a need for interpretation  and translation services for the many different languages so that we can understand each other while at the same time, keeping the meaning and original tone of the message intact. Hence our translators and interpreters play a big role in making all this possible.

Types of Languages We Translate

According to Ethnologue catalogue (an internationally recognised linguistic resource), there are currently 6909 listed living languages in the world. As the world is becoming more connected globally, it is important for your business to communicate with your customers in their language. WordWise is here to help you establish that communication by taking your important message and translating into the more popular global languages.  While we can't translate every language in the world, here are some of the more popular ones that we translate including

Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Translation
Arabic Translation
Japanese Translation
Thai Translation
Vietnamese Translation
Spanish Translation
French Translation
Russian Translation

Didn't find your language? Don't worry, we are able to help you.

Other Related Services We Offer

For your added convenience, we also provide language interpretation services including court interpretation, conference and meeting interpretation,  as well as translation services. Regardless of your needs, our interpreters and translators are professionals with years of experience backing them in their respective fields.

Importance of Language Translation Service

In Singapore with the rising influx of foreigners living and working here, your business has the potential to grow by reaching out to these native audiences. By connecting with your customers in their mother tongue, you are able to make meaningful relationships with them and hence, gain your customers trust and loyalty towards your business. This is where we come in to give you that competitive advantage. After all, in any language, words should convey more than just a message.

Why Wordwise Translation Services

With so many translation services agencies available in Singapore and with many of them stating that they are the best, it is very challenging to decide who to go with for your translation needs. What makes us different is that for the past four years since we've started, our experienced translators take great care in every single work and at the same time, delivering high quality translation to our clients in a fast turnaround time. This keeps our clients coming back because they are 100% satisfied with our work.

As a business that is here to stay, this is our pledge to you that we will not engage in any dishonest tactics just to get your translation project. We will provide you with the highest quality translation at a reasonable price hence, in order to determine your translation rate, we take into account the following factors :

  • Language pair required (eg English to Japanese)
  • How complex is the source content
  • The number of words or pages in the source language
  • The turnaround time required to deliver the translations.

How to Engage Us

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