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The ability to professionally interpret for someone speaking a different language is an incredible feat. The ability to speak more than one language is impressive in itself. And there are many people in Singapore and in the world who are bilingual. Interpretation services are required in a number of different settings in this day and age as the world becomes more connected.

And at Wordwise, our experienced linguists have dedicated themselves to years of studying languages to develop and master their interpretation skills. As Nelson Mandela said, speaking to a man in a language he understands reaches his head. But when you speak in his language, you reach his heart. And that is our goal to help your business reach the heart of your client by speaking in their language.

Types of Interpretation Solutions We Offer


As interpretation occurs everyday in different types of environment, here are some of the more commonly requested interpreter services that we offer.

Consecutive Interpretation

This is ideal for smaller scale events like business meetings or discussions, site visits. Our interpreter will take notes and convey the speaker's message to the target language during pauses between the speaker's speech. The vital skills of listening and note taking in this type of interpretation ensures that your message is interpreted accurately.

Court & Legal Interpretation

Court or legal interpretation is used to facilitate the proceedings of legal matters either in the Singapore courts or wherever the lawsuits are held. It is important to engage a legal interpreter who can function under pressure and at the same time, communicate clearly and accurately the happenings during the trial. Our interpreters are skilled and experienced to do what is required during a court session.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Better suited for large scale events such as seminars, conferences, board meetings. As the speaker is talking, the audience is hearing real-time, concurrently in their own language. With the help of professional interpreting equipment including microphones, transmitters and receivers, your audience will be interacting with you during your speech through our interpreters.

Telephone Interpretation

Should you be required to attend a business call conference with non-English speakers, our interpreters can be patched in to join the conference call, assisting you in the call.

Medical Interpretation

In a medical situation our interpreters facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers who speak different languages. Our trained medical interpreters effectively interpret the medical terms and message clearly to both patients and healthcare providers. This is vital because if information is not accurately passed on during interpretation, it can lead to disastrous medical outcomes. Because our interpreters are experienced, they are fully aware of this risk and take responsiblity to avoid such outcomes, giving you peace of mind.

other related services

As a customer-oriented business, our clients come first and we think our clients would also require other services related to interpretation. That is why we have included translation services and the languages that we offer for your convenience.


What is Interpretation?

Simply defined, interpreting is all about the spoken word. Interpreters must have a deep cultural and linguistic knowledge of their working languages. They must also possess the ability to instantly, clearly and concisely transpose spoken words from one language to another. Interpreters rely on their language skills gained through training and experience. Interpreters not only interpret, they also function as facilitators between speaker and listener.

Why Hire Wordwise Interpretation Services?

Good interpretation is not only about having a good grasp of language. These qualities define a good interpreter is:

Listening. Interpreters need to be able to pick up on every word, every meaning and every intent. They must then make sense of the message spoken in one language while at the same time delivering the same message to another.

Possess quick reflexes. It is important to pick up the nuances of the spoken message and be able to articulate it comprehensibly in another tongue.

Have cultural awareness. Culture consists of values, beliefs, attitudes and customs. An interpreter must be perceptive to these to avoid misinterpreting and thereby causing an embarrassing moment.

Possess a wide vocabulary. Because interpretation occurs real-time, they don't have the luxury of checking against a dictionary or some reference material. Thus, they must be well-versed with the language, terms used and the subject matter.

Emotional resilience. Medical and legal interpreters can be involved in cases that may be difficult to witness such as emergency medical circumstances or murder trials. In such situations, they must be able to control their emotions, remain calm and be strong emotionally in order to perform their work.

At Wordwise, our interpreters possess these qualities that make them sought after. You can rest assured knowing that our interpreters give you the highest
quality service that you derserve.

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