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While the French and English languages may share some similarities, professional translation services providers know there are still cultural and linguistic differences between the two. French is classified as a Romance language and was the official language of Europe during the 17th century. And as France expanded her colonial power, the French language spread and influenced other languages like the Vietnamese language.

Because of the close geographical proximity between France and England, there was close cultural contact between them over many centuries. Hence about 45% of English words are of French origin. Having said that, there are challenges faced when translating from French to English and vice-versa. One such hurdle is the differences in the grammar of both languages.

For example in French, nouns are given gender which affect the meaning of a sentence. And the French language has its own word order. While English grammar on the other hand, has many unintuitive rules that make it difficult to handle. It will take a native level speaking translator with experience to proficiently overcome these grammatical obstacles.

Another point to note when translating to and from the French language, the six registers of formality must be taken into account. At Wordwise, our experienced translators  know which relevant register to use for the relevant audience group. Because they are experienced and proficient, our team of professional linguists are able to write convincingly in that register. And because of that we've been able to translate successfully from English to French.

Similar to the Spanish language, French is spoken differently in different regions. Hence, these regional differences must be taken into account in when translating your content. It is these subtle differences like choosing the appropriate word for French speaking Canadians and French speakers in France, that will help your business form meaningful relationships with your clients.

French Translation Services We Offer

With our French language translation services, your business can reach approximately 274 million French speakers in the world. Our translators are native speakers in French and they have experience translating a wide range of content across many different industries.

Here the services we offer
Certified & Notarised Translation Services
Business & Financial Translation Services
Legal Translation Services
Technical Translation Services
Website Localization & Translation Services

French Language Facts

French is a Romance language with its roots from Latin. As with other Romance languages like Italian and Spanish, French is considered one of the most fascinating. French is among the top languages spoken in the world. Alongside with English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese, French is listed as one of the official languages in the United Nations. It is still used officially by many international organisations such as Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross, International Olympic Committee and the World Trade Organisation. In a 2011 article by Bloomberg Businessweek, French was ranked as the third most useful language for business after English and Chinese. 

Why Wordwise Translation Services

Because customer satisfaction is our aim, at Wordwise, we are dedicated and committed to providing high-quality and accurate translations that match the intent and style of your original content. Our proficient and skilled native speaking linguists have experience translating a wide range of documents and content. This is evidenced by the repeat requests we receive from our happy and satisfied clients.

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