Chinese Translation Services

The easiest way for individuals and companies doing business in China and targeting Chinese speakers is to hire a professional translation services company. Being one of the largest economies in the world, China is regarded by many as a world superpower. China is taking the lead in terms of economy, industry and security. As she continues to grow, China has the potential to overtake the US and become the leading country in the world. 

With this potential and opportunity, you can consider learning the language yourself which will take time to master. While Mandarin has the most native speakers, English is still considered the lingua franca of the world. This trend could continue for a long time. So there is no need to panic and start to learn Mandarin. Make your life easier and stress-free, simply engage a professional translator or interpreter

At Wordwise, our team of experienced translators and interpreters have invested years into mastering the language, making them well-versed in the Chinese culture. And with our commitment to client satisfaction, you can be assured of the highest quality service you deserve.

Types of Chinese Translation Services We Offer

We translate all types of documents from simplified and traditional Chinese to English and vice-versa. Be it legal documents, medical journals, technical instructions or magazine articles, rest assured that the meaning and intent of your documents is retained during our translation process and written out clearly to your Chinese speaking clients.

The services we provide include
Certified & Notarised Translation Services
Business & Financial Translation Services
Legal Translation Services
Technical Translation Services
Website Localization & Translation Services

The Chinese Language Facts

The Chinese language is made up of Standard Chinese or Mandarin and the numerous Chinese dialects spoken throughout China and the world. About 1.3 billion people in the world speak a dialect of Chinese as their native tongue. And Mandarin is spoken by approximately 960 million people. Mandarin is the official language used in China and Taiwan as well as one of the official languages used in Singapore.

Native speakers of Chinese describe the various dialects as a single Chinese language. However, the dialects are diverse and belong to a language family similar to the Romance languages such as French and Spanish.  

The written form of Chinese known as logograms, are used in Japanese writing 漢字 and occasionally in Vietnamese writing. In Standard Chinese, the simplified form 汉字 is used while the traditional form 漢字 is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The simplified written form is used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore.

The Chinese language has influenced western languages such as English and Spanish as well as Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese languages. In Japan, about 35% of the words in entertainment magazines, more than 50% of the words in newspapers and 60% of the words in science magazines are made up from Sino-Japanese words. In Spanish, for example, soja means soy which came from the Chinese word 醬油.

Why Wordwise Translation Services

Being a translator requires more than just having academic qualifications and knowing two or more languages. And translation involves more than just replacing one word with another word. It also requires the ability to understand the wider context and thereby create the same meaning in another language. Because our translators are experienced language professionals and native-level speakers, you can be assured of accuracy and quality translation.

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