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As an experienced translation services provider, we know that Arabic is a complex language to translate because of the challenges posed. And while the Arabic language is considered an Asian language, it does not share any similarities with other Asian languages such as Chinese or Japanese.  And as with all languages, the Arabic language has its own cultural concepts and social customs and values that most of the time, doesn't have any equivalent words in the English language. And this concept of equivalence is the key to successful translation. And because of this, it is challenging for translators to find words that convey the intent and meaning of the original content, when they are translating from Arabic to English or vice-versa.

Another obstacle that Arabic linguists encounter is the different forms used in the language. There is Modern Standard Arabic which is used in the Arab world. It is also taught in schools and it is the official language used in government communications, the media and in workplaces. There are also the Classical and Colloquial forms of Arabic. When translating any content, it is important for the translator to know which form of Arabic to use as well as to keep in mind, the concept of equivalence.

At Wordwise, our experienced professional linguists know of the obstacles when translating from English to Arabic. One such obstacle is that Arabic is read from right to left. When translating, things need to be flipped in order for the content to make sense. But it is not just about flipping everything, our translators know where to flip and where to keep the original structure so that when read in either language, your content makes sense with the original intent kept.

Arabic Language Translation Solutions We Offer

With Wordwise as your language solutions provider, your business can potentially reach over 350 million people that speak Arabic globally. Our professional native speaking Arabic linguistics are experienced translators, transcribing in a wide range of content across many different industries.

The services we offer are
Certified & Notarised Translation Services
Business & Financial Translation Services
Legal Translation Services
Technical Translation Services
Website Localization & Translation Services

Interesting Facts About The Arabic Language

The Arabic language belongs to the Semitic language family and it is the official language of 27 countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Tunisia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. This makes the Arabic language, the fifth most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin, English, Spanish and Hindi.

The Arabic alphabet is the second most used writing script after the Latin alphabet. And it was used to write some Spanish texts until the 16th century. The Arabic alphabet is used in some Asian languages such as Urdu and Punjabi (spoken in Pakistan) as well as Persian (spoken in Iran and Afghanistan) languages. The Arabic vocabulary has influenced much of the world's language such as French and English. Many English words are borrowed from the Arabic language.

At Wordwise, our native level speaking linguists are experienced professionals who have devoted years of studying and mastering the Arabic language. They are continuing to follow the development of their working languages and stay relevant because languages are evolving as our world changes. As the Arab World opens up for economic development, you can be assured of accuracy and quality when our translators are transcribing your content.

Why Wordwise Translation Services

At Wordwise, because we seek our customers satisfaction, we are committed and dedicated to providing high-quality and accurate translations that keep the intent and match the style of your original content. Our professional native level speaking linguists have experience translating a wide range of documents and content. This is evidenced by the repeat requests we receive from our happy and satisfied clients.

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